At Pink Passenger we believe in “no jargon” terms and conditions for our customers. Below outlines the terms and conditions of our minibus hire. For the avoidance of doubt the term minibus also refers to party bus. 
The Basics 
We will provide a driver or drivers and a minibus of sufficient seating capacity (and to the specification ordered i.e. Wheelchair accessible), suitable to undertake the work detailed in a satisfactory and legal manner. The route travelled shall be at the sole discretion of the driver according to road, traffic and weather conditions at the time, unless a specific route has been agreed with the customer. Stops can be made at suitable points to serve the comfort of the passengers and to satisfy legal requirements regarding breaks and rest for drivers. Between outward and return journeys the minibus may not remain at any destination or be accessible to passengers unless specific arrangements for this have been agreed in advance. 
Although we will do our best to complete journeys in the times required, and will give our best advice at the time of booking if asked to do so on probable journey times, we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of delays caused by circumstances or events which are beyond our control. It is strongly recommended that you should consider insuring against this risk if journey times are particularly crucial. 
Delays/Changes to Service 
Pink Passenger can not accept responsibility or liability for traffic congestion, road accidents, adverse weather conditions or other matters outside its reasonable control, which may cause delays. We work hard to maintain our vehicles to a very high standard, but sometimes faults can happen that are out of our control. In the unlikely event that an incident should occur where we can’t send the vehicle you requested, we will endeavour to supply you with an alternative. This may not be of the standard you originally booked (especially if booking the party bus). Our priority will be to get you to your destination safely and on time to the best of our ability. We will also discount the price if we have to send a standard minibus instead of the party bus, or offer you a full refund if you’d prefer to cancel the trip altogether (providing the booking has not yet commenced). Fortunately, these instances are very rare, and we usually have a back-up vehicle and driver in place for such emergencies. 
Whilst we will take all reasonable care with passengers’ luggage and other items, which they may bring on our minibuses, we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to these items whilst on the vehicle. Under no circumstances should any valuables be left on a minibus, even if locked. Personal belongings are not insured against theft on any of our vehicles. 
Personal insurance of luggage and valuables is strongly recommended. Any passengers’ property discovered on the vehicle after the hire will be stored, and may be claimed in accordance with our lost property procedure. 
Driver's Hours 
Law regulates drivers’ hours and rest periods. It is illegal for drivers to work outside these hours. Pink Passenger will always plan journey times so as to minimise the risk of delays due to drivers’ hour’s rules. The customer must adhere strictly to all agreed collection times and must not interrupt or delay a journey. If delays occur for whatever reason, Pink Passenger may curtail, cancel or otherwise alter the journey schedule for the vehicle in order to meet other customer deadlines or to comply with the law 
Customer Responsibilities 
The customer’s party must be properly behaved at all times. The driver may refuse to allow a passenger to board the vehicle or may eject them from the vehicle if they consider them unfit to travel for whatever reason (for example, being intoxicated or abusive). The driver may refuse to continue a journey if they consider any passenger to be behaving in such a way that may put the safety of other people or the vehicle itself at risk. Consuming alcohol on the vehicle is always at the driver’s discretion and for certain sporting events is legally prohibited. Customers must remain seated and seatbelts (where available) must be worn at all times when traveling. 
Damage to the Vehicle 
We maintain a strict standard of cleanliness in relation to our minibuses. The customer shall be responsible and liable for any soiling or damage to the outside/inside of the vehicle by the customer’s party. Should the vehicle require specialist or non-routine cleaning before its next trip as a result of any conduct on the part of the customer’s party, (in particular for the removal of vomit and disinfecting of affected areas) then Pink Passenger shall be entitled to recharge the cost of such cleaning to the customer, currently £50. The customer shall be responsible for the behavior of the customer’s party at all times. 
At the point of booking, customers may be asked for a non refundable deposit and their preferred payment option. If a deposit has not been requested and the client wishes to cancel the booking with less than 14 days notice, a £75 cancellation fee will be payable. Cheques must be cleared before the booking date. 
Cancellation Policy 
If we don’t receive any notice of cancellation on the day and the vehicle is on route, the full amount of the booking will be payable. 
Additional Charges 
Unless, it has been otherwise agreed, the hire price will not include any group catering, tickets, admission charges, ferries/tunnels, road tolls or parking. 
By placing a booking with Pink Passenger, customers are confirming that they have read, understood and agreed to abide by the above published terms and conditions. Please ensure you understand them fully prior to placing a booking with Pink Passenger. No part of these terms and conditions affects your rights as a consumer. These terms and conditions are in addition to your rights as a consumer. Any booking entered into based on these terms and conditions, or any dispute or claims arising from them shall be subject to the jurisdiction and laws of England and Wales. 
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